Seeing yourself, diversity and hobby positivity with AnnieGreenGable

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the wonderful Youtuber, Hobby Blogger and Warhammer Community Contributor AnnieGreenGable on her new show Roll Diversity. This show aims to put a spotlight on hobbyists from marginalised communities, ethnicities, genders and more.

Why not give our chat a listen? I cover how I got into the hobby, the games I play and how my experience of diversity and representation has changed during my time in the hobby.

It was a really great discussion. I’d like to thank Annie again for sharing her time with me and giving me a platform to talk about how this hobby I love so much has changed my life.

Just one more thing. As I’m daring to give this whole content thing a proper stab, I’ve created a link where you can support me.

So if you’d like to Buy Me a Pot of Paint, you can!

You are under no obligation to do so though. Quite frankly I’m not sure who would but if that’s you, know that it’s going to support a hobbyist of colour in his humble quest to be visible!

What did you think of the interview? If you’ve got any thoughts I’d love to hear them, whether my words have resonated with you as one of the hobbyists of colour in your area or whether you got some new insight into how some of the folks down at your local game store might be feeling. I’m excited to hear about it in the comments, or you can chat with me over on Twitter @princeofbieltan

Thanks for reading and watching, catch you in the next one!

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